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Aconcagua 2012, Expedition

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Madame Cote,

The members of the board of directors, join us to cordially congratulate you and thank you for your important implication and contribution in the preparation for the rise for the Aconcagua Mount which took place last January.

Beyond the activities of lifting of funds and forwarding, you showed a considerable engagement so much by the search for sleeping partners for forwarding, the quiet auction, the evening poker, the lottery and for all the other activities which was more beneficial for all the team of climbing and for the Foundation.

For each activity, you dealt with the design and the manufacture of the publicity material. That they are banners, tickets, posters, the catalogue for the quiet auction, boxes of collections of gifts, you showed an enthusiastic professionalism and know-how.
You ensured with brilliance the development and the strategic approach in the design of the Aconcagua2012.com site, as well as the updates and management of the aforesaid site.  

In order to buckle this adventure by a last lifting of funds, you coordinated and animated the evening “Account of voyage” and “homage to our partners” on February 22, 2012 in Boston Pizza. In front of the passion of the assistance, this sleeping partner has even versed 10% of the receipts of the evening.  

Your imposing work with the media, before and during forwarding, the development of the advertising advertisements, interviews televised on TVBL, as your special collaboration with the drafting of articles with the newspaper the Mail during the five (5) weeks of forwarding cannot overlook.
Conscious that only five (5) climbing was invested in the adventure of Aconcagua 2012, you all the same centered all the countryside on the original objective of 100.000 $ (for 20 climbing). With you five, you succeeded in reaching more than 40.000 $.
We are proud to see that people such as you, contribute to the development of the area and believe in the mission of the Saint-Eustace Hospital Foundation.  

You largely contributed to the success of this rise, and we are very grateful to you. 

Sincerely yours,

Diane D. Lavallée Hélène Chrétien
Directrice générale Adjointe directrice au développement
Fondation Hôpital Saint-Eustache Fondation Hôpital Saint-Eustache

My internship program with Sylvie Côté

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During my last year of CEGEP in Management of Commerces, I had the privilege, from December 2010 to May 2011, to do my internship with Sylvie Côté.  The goal of this training course consisted in getting a good overview of the various aspects of the marketing and the management of Commerce.

Right at the beginning, I have appreciated the professionalism of Sylvie and all the serious she put into my success.  I really felled that it was important for her that my internship is a rich experience for me.  This professionalism continued throughout my training course.  Moreover, she required as much rigour and perseverance in my path that herself could do it.  She has corrected me in the drafting of my documents and she required that my French be impeccable.

I quickly understood that the greatest advantage of doing my internship with Sylvie is her wide- network of contacts which enables me to meet various leaders in different fields such as marketing, communication and sale.

During my internship, I met professionals from medical representation, pharmaceutical, health & beauty and natural health. I was accommodated by various firms for complete days of integration.  Moreover, I had the occasion to take part in several projects to which Sylvie worked. Among those, there was the project for the Foundation Marie-Helene Dubé.

This internship gave me the opportunity to meet very interesting people. All of them were very accessible and cooperative.  They have shared with me their vision of working in sale and marketing.  

From beginning to end, my internship will have been a very enriching experience which exceeded my expectation; one of the most important moments of my life.  Thanks to this internship, I have decided to continue with superior education because I know now that I am studying in the good branch and that my career is definitively directed towards marketing.
Sylvie was a true model for me. I really believe that she devotes herself body and heart for her customers. She reflects determination and passion.  She brings confidence in me at the beginning of our first meeting.  I find that she is very open to others.

Thanks Sylvie for your precious cooperation,

Your friend

Marie-Claude Marion

Student in marketing


Thanks Sylvie for your cooperation...

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I am really enthusiastic of finally having a Coach that brings back the essence in my overflow of ideas: -).

Your expertise and your support contribute me to the realization of my projects.  
Your not-judgement listening reassures me. 

The adjustments and encouragements that you bring, are always made with respect and humour what is largely appreciated, because humour for me is an important attitude to be able de-dramatise the rhythm of today’s life.

You seized quickly the Emotion that I want to express and it is not given to everyone

Thank you for your honesty and your diplomacy.  As I already did, I will not hesitate to recommend your services.

Louise Laprise

Shiatsu thérapeutique

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Out of the usual paths…

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“I had the pleasure to work with Sylvie on Agency Sales Pitch in the field of Oncology. She brought to the project wind freshness, new ideas and a impressive professionalism.

Always looking for new approaches; strategy out of the usual paths, Sylvie allowed building a solid campaign, and putting the customer requirements as a priority.

She also present in a manner that surprise the customers positively. Sylvie represents an asset for any customer seeking to dissociate and leave an undeniable image on the long court. I can only recommend her services. “

Jocelyn Marquis M.Sc.

Scientific and strategic pharmaceutical consultant at Xprtiz


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