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Each project is look at with dynamism and enthusiasm
I am a bilingual professional with many years of experience in the Health/Beauty, Pharmaceutical and Service providers industry who is endowed with strong skills for Communication, Sales, Trade Marketing, Promotion and Project Management. I have a great sense of organization which enables me to work on many projects simultaneously.

Product launch

(Strategy, development, execution of plans and marketing programs including Website Creation).

  • 2009-2012 – Cooperation with an inventor on the development of a « Top Secret » product
  • 2008 – US launch of Hydrosal Professional
  • 2006 – 2007 Launch of Hydrosal Gel and Probiostat Vaginal
  • 2006 – Re-launch of Aristospan (after being on SAP program for few years) and Cophylac (5 years after its withdraw from market)
  • 2000 – 2004 – as a regular employee creation and cooperation to 6 others products and promotional websites.
    - Garden Ghost
    - Animal Behaviour devices (Aboistop, Virtual Fence, Spray Commander, SSSCAT)
    - Herbal Essences
    - Daily Defense
    - Infusium 23
    - Keri Lotion

 Presentation – Training

  • On products
  • On services
  • For Sales team
    - Retail sales
    - Telemarketing
    - Introduction to persuasive selling
    - Successfully working a booth

 Conventions – Events

(Animate, coordinate and/or working the booth)


  • Journées dentaires internationales du Québec – Montréal
  • AAD – San Francisco, Chicago, San Antonio – Texas, Washington
  • South Beach – Floride
  • ASCDAS – Las Vegas
  • Symposium francophone de médecine – Montréal
  • Primary Care Today – Toronto
  • Women’s Show – Montréal
  • Esthétiquement et Électrolysement Vôtre – Montréal
  • CDA – Toronto
  • Garden Expo – Toronto, St-Hyacinthe
  • Salon des animaux and Pet Shows – St-Hyacinthe, Montréal, Toronto, Vancouver, Chicago

Media – Public Relations and publications

(Cooperation and/or direct implication)



  • Fraichement pressé/TVBL – novembre 2011 – Aconcagua 2012
  • Fitness Québec – mai 2011 Les infections Vaginales... Messieurs, ça vous concerne aussi!




  • Patient Care - Dr. Michel Boileau - Oct. 2007 – Cough & Antitussive therapies
  • Journal de Montréal - Yvon Laprade - Aug. 2007 – Une pharma québécoise s’attaque… à la transpiration excessive (pdf)
  • Campagne promotionnelle du gel Hydrosal destinée aux consommateurs et aux pharmacies
  • Patient Care - Med Pulse/New Drugs - July 2007 – Probiostat Vaginal


  • CKOI - Patrice L'Écuyer – Garden Ghost
  • TVA - Pierre Bruneau – Garden Ghost
  • CFRB - Dr. Gary Landsberg - Pets call-in radio show,
  • Dr. Michel Pépin, vétérinaire - émission Bec et museau
  • CHLT 630 - François Jeanson
  • Journal de Montréal – Richard Johnson – Un collier pour empêcher votre chien d’aboyer (pdf)


  • CFRB – Dr. Gary Landsberg - Pets call-in radio show



Sales Director - Canada

Evaluate, analyse the needs and develop a sales structure for the Canadian Market. Present a global strategic plan. Involve in every sales, marketing, promotional and business development decisions in a family business environment.

  • Realized and managed each steps for new product launches.
  • Developed market and distribution for the complete line. 30% increase of Canadian sales.
  • Developed promotional and sales material to increase visibility and purchases in Veterinary Clinics and Pet Shop for the complete line of Animal Behavioural Correction.
  • Set up a National Sales Force.
  • Brief, analyse propositions from Sales, Public Relations and Advertising Agencies before presenting to the Board of Directors.
  • Establish contact with media



Clairol and Westwood Division

Associate Manager, Promotions - 2000-2002
Manage all projects relating to development of promotional material for brands such as: Herbal Essences, Infusium 23, Aussie, Daily Defense and Keri. Ensure thorough communication/synergy of project management activities with internal customers and Promotions/Advertising agencies.

  • Developed compact sales presentation tools to ensure product distribution and increase sales.
  • Designed and developed specific and/or exclusive promotional packs for key accounts to obtain objectives per brand and banner.
  • Contributed to the development of promotional tools for the launch of Herbal Essences hair colour and coordinated the execution with the sales force to ensure complete distribution of the product within delay.
  • Evaluated the impact of Sales Promotional Material at store level and kept up to date with market trends.

Associate Business Development Manager (Trade Marketing) - 1999-2000
Responsible for developing this new position created to support the Business Development Group in the area of project coordination and analysis.

  • Developed and implemented promotional material allocation process and managed it. This process allocated quantities according to user needs while reducing waste, transportation and warehouse costs. This versatile tool can be applied to other form of allocation.
  • Ensured information coordination between Regional Heads, Key Accounts Managers and Sales Development Managers for the execution of different promotions.
  • Ensured transfer of information and analysis during product liquidation initiatives for rapid sell off.
  • As Content Creator for an information Database, ensure prompt availability of information in a user-friendly format.

Sales Communications Coordinator 1997-1999

Gathering information, determine priorities and produce monthly presentation documents for the sales force for our customer presentation.

  • Contributed to the creation of this department in order to establish a stronger link between the head office and the sales force. This new service offered a better communication and planning, increased sales force efficiency and sales as well.
  • Created corporate and customized presentations to support company promotions and programs. These documents allowed distinct presentation to each key account in order to help sales force tasks and to concentrate on priorities to be communicated.
  • Implemented a computerized library to give head office people a quick access to the monthly presentation material produced. This initiative has contributed to a substantial annual saving.

Sales Representative/Key Account Manager 1993-1997

Coordinated activities to increase product sales and promotions. Provide professional service to meet customer satisfaction.

  • Managed with success a territory comprised of Montreal, Laval, Laurentians and Gatineau-Hull: $1.75 million budget. These great results brought me some personal and professional recognition from customers and employer.
  • Planned with Account Head Office, promotions, flyer ads, orders, presentations, business reviews and buying shows within the budget and the company policies. Managed a $2 million account territory.

Other sales experiences

  • Scott Papers Limited - Sales Rep + Key account - 1991 to 1992
  • Cheseborough Ponds - Sales Representative - 1991
  • Shulton Canada Inc. - Sales Rep + Key account - 1988 to 1991
  • Taro Pharmaceuticals Inc. - Sales Rep + Key account - 1986 to 1988
  • Publications Les Affaires Inc. - Coordinator, Sales Services - 1984 to 1986


  • BMS/ Clairol: Nominee for Customer/Sales Support Person of the Year (2001)
  • BMS/ Clairol: Recognition prize for the launch of Herbal Essences Hair colour –Magical Merchandising Tour (2000)
  • BMS/ Clairol: Customer/Sales Support Person of the Year (1998)
  • BMS/ Clairol: Year Round Best Sales versus quotas achieved in Quebec (1995)
  • Pharmaprix St-Jérome: Sales Rep of the Year (1995)
  • Shulton Canada Inc.: Sales Rep of the Year Quebec & Canada (1989)


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